Green Gully Reserve Dog Park, Keilor Downs

Green Gully Reserve is one of north west Melbourne’s larger fenced dog parks. This modern dog park offers up a large flat field where dogs can run and play, plus you’ll find a suite of agility equipment to test their training skills. While the dog park itself is nothing to write home about, it provides a secure space for local adventurous pups to enjoy themselves.

The biggest drawcard at Green Gully is certainly the amount of fenced space. There is ample room to throw a ball around, greet new doggy friends or mosey about in a corner away. It’s also convenient. Parking is located just 10m away and the park has all your standard dog park amenities on site from doggy bags and bins to benches and even agility equipment.

While it’s always positive to see a Council investing in its dog owners, this park isn’t particularly practical. For starters, there is no shade. Zilch. Nada. On the up side, it does mean the mud dries out after the rain. Nevertheless, it’s best to rule this one out for summer unless you’re an early riser. Then there’s the single gated entrance. Normally, we’d have no qualms with a single entrance (although double is always preferred) but the gate is located next to the German Shepherd Dog Club. At training times on weekends, there are dogs everywhere. 

With so many beautiful off leash spaces around the north east, the dog park at Green Gully is a bit of a disappointment. Keep this one in your pocket for quiet winter days or play dates with friends.  

ADDRESS: McCrae Boulevard, Keilor Downs
Features: Fully fenced, agility equipment, dog water bowl, doggy bags, bins, benches
Time restrictions: None
Rating: 🐕 🐕 🐕


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