Best of Chelsea with Rave the Aussie Shepherd

Summer might be over but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have you fun with dog in Melbourne’s beachside suburbs. We caught up with our insta pal Rave the Aussie Shepherd to find out all the best dog friendly places in his home suburb of Chelsea…


Tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you lived in Chelsea?

Hi Everyone! My name is Pawsitive Party Rock Anthem and my friends call me Rave. I am an Australian Shepherd, born locally in the Melbourne area. I’m almost 1.5 years old and have lived in Chelsea for just over a year. I am a pedigree dog so came with a fancy name. However, Mum kept my puppy name as we were born as the ‘music litter’ and I used to keep everyone up all night partying hehe.

I compete in showing because I am ridiculously good looking. My Mum also insists on taking me to obedience lessons (which I find a drag but have been told I am particularly good at it). I also take Noseworks classes (think those cool sniffer dogs in the airport), herding lessons (this I enjoy the most – coz who doesn’t love running after sheep?!) and agility (which is actually AWESOME fun as I have an excuse to jump over stuff, run around like a loony, go through tunnels and play tug with my hooman). My Mum says I’m as much work as having a two-legged child. But like seriously, who doesn’t love running around after a fur child – she secretly loves it.

There are lots of stunning photos of you on instagram going for walks with your humans. Do you have any favourite walks in your area?

There are LOADS of nice walks in my area. I particularly enjoy heading to the beach all year round. Even among the depths of winter, a beach run always clears the mind! I hear people telling Mum she’s crazy being out in the weather. But without my evening walks I like to terrorise the backyard whilst my hoomans are at work. I taught them well when I was a youngen. I also take delight in heading out for a walk behind the local Chelsea Pony Club and saying hi to my other four legged friends – being a totally different species of course. Horses, ponies, whatever you call them, they’re all pretty friendly so we catch up when they can be bothered greeting us at the fence.

You seem to have a lot of gorgeous doggy friends. Where do you all like to hang out? Are there any good parks in the area?

I live with my hoomans down the road from Bicentennial Park which means we can taunt the local skaters, run after some kids on the playground, watch the baseball, check out the chicks on the netball courts, chase some birds, stroll along the river or just wander the swampland and get super muddy! My favourite park is near the local CFA and Chelsea Sharks football training grounds as all my best buddies are there. Due to me being a ‘proper’ show dog, I get to keep my bits (if you know what I mean). As a result, I tend to get picked on at the big off leash park closer to home. I’ve been told it’s coz I smell different to everyone else so some of the boys get a bit jealous – but hey what can I do? Thankfully Mum is more than happy to trek down to the far cricket oval for me to hang out, wrestle with my friends and have a run around.

Summer can be hot for a big furry dog. Are there any places you recommend for a swim?

The nearby Chelsea and Bonbeach beaches are perfect for the hot days. Sadly, due to council requirements, you’re only allowed off leash on the beach between sunrise and 10am from the end of October to the 1st of April. After 7:30pm we are permitted on the beach but need to be on leash. Sometimes Mum would drive me down to the off leash Carrum dog beach. But more often than not we went to my Dad’s family house to swim in the pool. That’s the greatest fun coz I can jump in from the side and swim after my toys. It’s also a great workout!

We’re always on the lookout for new dog-friendly cafes. If we came to Chelsea for a bite to eat, where would you take us?

Sadly there’s not a whole lot of dining in Chelsea. Sometimes I get dragged into the fish and chip shop to grab an order with Mum and Dad to head down to the beach, otherwise I can recommend Two Feet First on Nepean Highway. I’m allowed to sit at the outside tables with my hoomans while they eat. I hear it’s quite delicious but sadly I have to wait for the scraps that fall to the ground. My favourite part about dining at Two Feet First is being right next door to Pets on Nepean! Mum always lets me stop in for a treat on the way home.

What do you love most about living in Chelsea?

I love that I am a 10 minute walk to the beach or a 10 minute walk to a massive local park. I get the best of both worlds so it’s always a surprise where we’ll go for our walk every night!

How can the Pupbeat community connect with you online?

You can follow me on Instagram through my handle @ravetheaussieshepherd


A big thank you to Rave and Lauren for sharing all these amazing dog-friendly places with the Pupbeat community.

If you would like to see more super cute photos like the ones above, head to Rave’s instagram page
@ravetheaussieshepherd and be sure to follow all his exciting adventures around Melbourne and beyond. 

All photo credits: @ravetheaussieshepherd



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