Victoria’s Best Doggy Treats

After a long week, there’s nothing quite like spoiling your pup to a little treat. From slurping up a puppacino to chowing down on a fancy doggy biscuit, the smile on your pup’s face can make the whole world melt away. Of course, the most obvious place to spoil your pup would be one of Melbourne’s or Bendigo’s awesome dog cafes. Don’t live near one? That doesn’t mean you have to miss out! We’ve sussed out the best gourmet dog treats around Victoria. These local businesses all sell their tasty bites online and ship straight to your door so you can spoil your pup whenever the mood takes you. All personally taste tested by Indy the Golden, here are our favourite dog treats: 



Best for dogs who like to eat like their humans.  

Inspired by the gorgeous Poppet @miss_poppet_the_samoyed, Liddell Bit Pawfect offer delicious healthy treats for every occasion. Their extensive range features everything from party pies and fairy bread to meat cookies and training croutons. It looks so delicious we were almost tempted to eat some ourselves! All the treats are made from human grade ingredients and you’ll find them all clearly listed on every packet. What we love most about Liddell Bit Pawfect is that everything is customisable from the ingredients through to packaging. Their chief baker is also a graphic designer so if you’re looking for personalised gift tags, beautiful party bags or unique treat packets, this is the doggy boutique for you.  

For super cute pics check out their instagram or head straight to their online store to stock up.



Best for dogs who are a little bit quirky.

After a while biscuits can start to look like biscuits, but not at Supaw Pet Bakery. Their entire range is fun, a little bit quirky and ever so cute. You can treat your pup to a meat platter, imitation KFC chicken drumsticks and even sugar free dog emoji lollipops! Not only do they make customised doggy portrait cakes (yes the cake is a pic of your dog!) they also sell pupcakes and edible cake toppers to make for an extra special day. Supaw Pet Bakery is amazing value for money and your dog will be sure to enjoy all the new tastes and smells.  

To explore all their amazing cakes check out their instagram or head straight to their online store.



Best for dogs who like to wow their friends.

Everything about Laila and Me is colourful and fun. Their cute doggy biscuits, dehydrated meats and lavish pupcakes and birthday cakes have taken over instagram and developed a total cult following. With so much colour you’d be forgiven for questioning whether they’re healthy. But health is part of the Laila and Me mission. In fact, Laila and Me all started when Laila (Melbourne’s cutest french bulldog) started presenting skin allergies from commercial dog treats. Laila’s humans decided to start making their own wholesome treats and thus a legend was born. All of their goodies are made from 100% natural ingredients with no added preservatives. Healthy and jaw droppingly photo worthy!

Join the craze on instagram or head straight to their online store



Best for dogs looking to stay fit and healthy

Willow’s Pantry dish up beautiful home baked treats that are super healthy and full of crunch. Former pastry cook Andrea avoids sugar sprinkles and crazy artificial colours, instead opting for wholesome tasty ingredients that are super nutritious and good for digestion. The highlights of their amazing range are their gorgeous dog celebration cakes: peanut-carrot with yoghurt drip and their decadent banana carob. They’re full of natural ingredients like carob, berries, yoghurt and raw honey that are safe for your pupper to eat and they look a million bucks. To top it all off, their packaging is simple but beautiful and they ship faster than you can say ‘treats’.

Make sure to stop by their instagram for all their amazing cakes and treats or head straight to their online store.




Best for dogs who like to celebrate in style

Every weekend, Miss Drew’s Dog Cafe on the Peninsula is flooded with cute pups looking to treat themselves to Miss Drew’s famous doggy treats. The good news is that you don’t have to travel all the way to the Peninsula to enjoy their range. Yes, it’s all online from cute party bags and gift boxes to fun toys and body products. Their iced and decorated treats are sure to wow any crowd but if it’s your pup you really want to impress, opt for their dehydrated meat and fish treats. Your pup will go crazy for the smell! And then of course there is their amazing doggy beer. It’s not drinking alone if your pup’s having one too right?

Check out their amazing range on instagram or head straight to their online store to stock up on their latest goodies.


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