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If you follow us on instagram you will have already heard the exciting news. Yes, our My Suburb series is back by popular demand! If you’re new to Pupbeat,  you may be wondering what the fuss is all about. Every week we’ll be posting an interview with an Insta famous pooch about all the best dog-friendly places to visit in their local suburb or town. 

And who better to help us back into the swing of things than the lovely Lala from @lala.jrt This little cutie hails from the gorgeous suburb of Doncaster but you’ll often see her out and about exploring all over Melbourne. Read on for her tips on the best spots for a fun day out with your pooch in Doncaster…


Tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you lived in Doncaster?

I am a 10 year old Jack Russell rescue. I have been living in Doncaster for 9 years since mum took me to my forever home with her. I love food, walks, ducks, did I say food? I’m a small 4kg Jack Russell and people often think I’m a foxy or part Chihuahua because I’m so tiny haha

I adore dogs and humans, I will cry if my mum doesn’t let me say hello I must get a pat from every human I see.

We always see you out and about, exploring exciting new places with your human on instagram. Do you have any favourite walking spots?  

We love to go for a walk along the Koonung Creek Trail, you could walk for hours and it passes through many different suburbs. We often bike ride along the track all the way to Studley Park. Off the track there are lots of ovals and open space to run around in with other dogs.

Like all good dogs, we know you loooove to roll in the grass. Are there any local parks  you would recommend?

Ruffey Lake Park is a great park for a stroll it has good grass to roll in, lots of open space and also ducks to watch. The lake is very nice to sit by and have a break from all the walking.

As a Melbournian, cafe visits are an essential part of any weekend. Where do all the cool pups hang out with their humans? Do you have a favourite?

Lots of cafes now are dog friendly which is great! we often go to Bob’s Your Uncle and Three Monkeys both located in Jackson’s Court in Doncaster East. There is always lots of dogs there with their humans. When bike riding we also stop at freeway golf course for an ice coffee. They are dog friendly there too.

What do you love most about your suburb?

The thing I love most is that there is lots of open parks to run off leash and many cool walking tracks to explore. We love nature and its great there are still lots of park lands around, we always discover something new each time we go for a walk.

How can the Pupbeat community connect with you online?

We are on Instagram @lala.jrt


A big thank you to Lala and Leanne for sharing all these amazing dog-friendly places with the Pupbeat community.

If you would like to see more super cute photos like the ones above, head to Lala’s instagram page @lala.jrt and be sure to follow all her exciting adventures.

All photo credits: @lala.jrt



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