What do you mean by dog-friendly?

At Pupbeat we believe there is an important distinction between a venue or event allowing dogs and a venue being dog-friendly. A dog-friendly venue or event not only has a dog-friendly space such as outdoor seating, but it also encourages dog owners to bring their dogs and provides amenities for dogs such as dog water bowls.  

What types of businesses are listed on your site?

Cafes, restaurants, bars, wineries, breweries, distilleries, pet stores, doggy daycares, dog groomers, vets, puppy schools, pet photographers, rescues, shelters, markets and events. We are looking to add dog-friendly accommodation in the coming months.

Why can’t I find pet sitters, dog walkers or boarding kennels?

We do not list pet sitters, dog walkers or boarding kennels except where these services are provided by doggy daycares. There are numerous national websites that list these services and provide comprehensive insurance and reviews.

I want to buy an animal. Where should I look?

Pupbeat does not support the sale of animals and we would encourage you to consider adopting. Many of the pet services listed on our website offer adoptions and they can help you find one or several amazing four-legged friends to become part of your family. 

My favourite dog-friendly place isn’t listed. How can I add it?

We are always looking for new dog-friendly places to add to our website. If you have suggestions for dog-friendly outdoor activities, email us at team@pupbeat.com.au or contact us on social media. If your favourite dog-friendly business isn’t listed, make sure to let them know about Pupbeat so they can jump online and add themselves to our directory. Listings are completely free.


I run a dog-friendly business. How can I add it to your site?

To add your business, you will need to create an account. In your account you will see a tab titled ‘My listings.’ Hit the button ‘Add listing.’ Select ‘membership’ – membership is free. Then enter your information into the form and hit submit. We will then verify that your are the business owner/manager using the contact details provided. We typically respond within 24-48 hours. If you have any problems adding a listing, contact us at team@pupbeat.com.au

My business or event is already listed on your site. How do I claim it?

To claim your business or event on our website, hit the ‘claim listing’ button on the listing page. You will then be directed to sign in or create an account in order to claim your listing.

I’m running an event that welcomes dogs. Who should I tell?

You can add your event to our website by creating an account and using the ‘Add listing’ located under the tab ‘My listings.’ If you would like Pupbeat to also promote your event on our social media channels or blog or attend your event, please contact us about our promotional packages at team@pupbeat.com.au

My business is no longer dog-friendly. How can I have my business removed from your site?

If your business is no longer dog-friendly or has been added in error, please email us at team@pupbeat.com.au and we will remove the listing as soon as possible.

I lease a dog-friendly holiday house. How can I add it to your website?

We are currently working on adding dog-friendly accommodation to our website. If you own accommodation that permits dogs inside and would be interested in listing your holiday house or business, please contact us at team@pupbeat.com.au


How do I submit a review of a dog-friendly venue, service or activity?

Search for the venue, service or activity you wish to review, then click on the ‘Review’ tab. Scroll to the review form, type your view and hit the button ‘Submit Review.’ You review may take a few hours to appear.

Someone submitted a negative review of my business. What can I do?

Pupbeat has clear review guidelines in our terms and conditions. We post all user reviews, good or bad. However, we do not post reviews that contain offensive or inappropriate material nor do we post reviews with named comparisons to other businesses. If you believe the review falls into one of these categories and should be removed, please email team@pupbeat.com.au


If you would like to delete your Pupbeat account, please email us at team@pupbeat.com.au with the subject line: “Delete account.” 


How can I contact Pupbeat?

Want to get in touch? We’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at team@pupbeat.com.au

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